White label merchant services, white label payment gateway software, and white label payment processing solutions are widely used by many types of companies. A white label payment solution can have several flavors, depending on the terms of its use. The degree of flexibility of a white label product or service, usually, depends on the size of the user’s company and its specific business needs.

White label payment solution for startups

Most startups and SME prefer to partner with a large payment solution provider, such as Stripe, Square, or PayPal. If such a provider offers brandable white label services, this offering is, usually, a standardized one. …

Evolution of Fintech and Paymentech industries leads to emergence of new kinds of entities and concepts. Payment facilitator model, which has become very popular during the recent years, is one of them. In this article we are going to explain the essentials about PayFac model. Particularly, we will focus on the functions PayFacs perform and on the benefits of becoming a PayFac.

Payment Facilitator Model Definition

A PayFac is an intermediary entity, performing a set of functions (delegated by the acquiring bank) for multiple merchants. …

The concept of white-label product or service, surely, applies to electronic payments in general and to payment gateways in particular. Basically, a white label payment gateway is gateway product which you can offer your customers under your own brand.

So, what are the advantages of white label payment gateway solutions?

The key strong points are as follows.

  • No need to handle the issues, related to payment security, integrations, certifications, and maintenance. Your white label gateway provider (the third party) will take care of them for you. …


UniPay Gateway

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