A Licensed Payment Processing Software Might Be The Solution You Need

Many companies which process a lot of transactions want to save on payment processing fees and consequently, they consider the idea of developing their own payment gateway. If you want to have your own payment processing solution you can either build it or license it. Let’s compare these two approaches.

If you decide to develop your own payment gateway you will have the solution which is unique and supports the features your business needs. And this solution is going to be your property. Also there are some disadvantages which you need to take into account. This project is going to be expensive and time consuming while you will have to invest into the development process and obtain expensive integrations with banks, processors and other payment systems.

The alternative option is to license some payment processing software. In this case you can start using the software immediately; what is more, you will automatically get all the required integrations. But the solution might have a lot of features which you do not need and if you contribute anything to the system all other users will be able to benefit from the changes you’ve made. And on the other hand it can be the advantage while you also can benefit from the changes suggested by other users.

Do you want to see a payment processing system which is integrated with platforms all around the globe, processes different types of payments (card payments and ACH transactions), supports 3D Secure, EMV and P2PE? Then you need to consider UniPay Payment Management Platform (additional information you will find here).

Some more information on this issue you will find in this article.

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