Can Your Payment System Handle Your Recurring Billing Needs?

There are those companies that need little from their recurrent billing. They have a few customers that pay the same amount periodically. For these companies, there are plenty of inexpensive options. Most companies, however, need more flexibility. For them, there are payment gateway solutions that can handle even complicated recurring billing scenarios and handle your changing needs.

If you have customers you bill regularly, you know it can get complicated. You need a payment gateway service that gives you plenty of options. You may have customers that are committed and those that are uncommitted. Committed customers are those that are bound by contract to pay on a regular basis and can face penalties if they do not. Uncommitted customers can stop paying whenever they like, with no penalties beyond loss of service.

There are also scheduling issues. Maybe you have customers that are not billed on the first of every month, or some other fixed schedule. Maybe you have some that pay every month, some that pay on some other schedule, and some that are on a pay-as-you-go plan. You might even have some combination of payment plans that cannot be handled by most payment systems.

If you’re finding that your payment system isn’t up to the challenge posed by your recurring billing needs, you need the UniPay gateway. UniPay is the ideal payment gateway for most businesses and can handle even the most complicated recurring billing scenarios. For more information, visit the PayVisors business consulting website for an in-depth article on how UniPay can help you.

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