Consolidate Your Payment Processing

Do you run an enterprise-level company? If so, you may have found that some of your departments have evolved using different payment processors. It may be time for your company to unify under a single payment processing solution.

While each department has the best possible deal with its respective payment processor, your transactions are still dividing among different providers. Through processing consolidation, you may find that you can negotiate even better rates based on higher volume.

Consolidation offers additional benefits besides cost savings. You may find that unifying your payment processing acts as a catalyst to unify your company as a whole. You may notice that your formerly independent departments begin to work together better and that your workforce is more flexible as subsidiaries all work on the same payment processing system.

The UniPay payment gateway from United Thinkers is an open source payment gateway with all the features you need in every branch of your company. Give us a call today and let our team help you determine whether UniPay is the right consolidated payment solution for you.

Go to #UniPayGateway website to learn more.

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