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2 min readApr 6, 2021


Owners of SaaS platforms are the leading contenders to become payment facilitators. Independent software vendors, virtual marketplaces, and franchise owners are also up for consideration. Regardless of the business model (including SaaS), know your customer logic is at the core of it. The companies also have a solid customer base. These companies are already on track to become PayFacs companies.

SaaS Platform Payment Facilitator Model

Payment software is developed and sold via a conventional SaaS platform. As such, the company mainly relies on recurring income from licensing software and subscription fees.

As a PayFac, processing merchant credit cards is a profitable prospect. It is worth noting that the process of becoming a payment facilitator involves substantial costs and effort, as well as a significant level of liability. PayFacs have to go through several integrations and certifications. You are involved in all stages of the merchant’s lifecycle, notably:

1. Underwriting
2. Onboarding
3. Sub-merchant funding
4. Payment settlement
5. Balance reconciliation
6. Reporting
7. Chargeback disputing

PayFac Intermediary Options for SaaS Companies

Some PayFac prospects lack the funds to pay the initial costs involved with the procedure. The PayFac model has its inherent requirements that some companies are not ready to implement. Despite this fact, some intermediary options are available to all SaaS platform owners. White-label models, virtual models, and managed models are all variations of PayFacs.

Integrating a white-label PayFac gateway is another option to try before you buy. White label PayFac gateway solutions include the following benefits.

1. Basically, such a model has all the capabilities of a PayFac model.
2. Your SaaS company enhances its image and business reputation.
3. It allows you to connect to the banks, to Visa and MasterCard networks.
4. It is significantly less expensive compared to using a regular PayFac model.

Likewise, it takes a lot of work and expenses to become a PayFac. A combination of intermediate solutions might help if the costs are too high or the requirements seem too hard to fulfill. Partnering with white label PayFac gateway provides such a solution.

If you would like more details about UniPay Gateway technology, United Thinkers can help you. The white-label PayFac solution of UniPay Gateway has been used by many SaaS companies to begin making profits by accepting payments.



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