Does A Payment Gateway You Are Using Support EMV?

The EMV liability shift is approaching that’s why if you haven’t undergone EMV certification yet you need to hurry up. The information on EMV certification process is relevant for payment gateway companies, payment facilitators and companies that maintain their own payment ecosystems. Small merchants can simply buy EMV terminals from the acquirers and not to bother with EMV certification. Generally speaking, three phases of EMV certification process can be pointed out: preparatory, payment processing host integration and EMV certification.

At the preparatory phase you need to decide what payment terminals will be used, what payment gateway software will transmit the transaction data to the acquirer and what acquirer will process transactions. When all decisions are made you can start working on the payment processing host integration. You will not have to pay any certification fees at the second phase. The main task is to develop the integration code: a proper message should be implemented to enable a payment gateway to submit EMV fields to acquirer’s system in the required format. The moment it is done you are ready for the EMV certification. It is the process in which an EMV terminal and an EMV toolkit are used. Special test scripts (certified by the acquirer for every association) are done with the help of the EMV toolkit. The results are sent to the acquirer for the review and then they forwarded to associations for the final approval. An administrative fee, $2000 — $3000, is associated with this phase.

Are you interested in the example of the EMV payment gateway? Consider UniPay Payment Management Platform, the software which supports EMV, P2PE and many other fraud protection tools and mechanisms. Visit the web site to find out some other features of this payment gateway.

More useful tips on how to undergo EMV certification successfully are provided in the article at #Paylosophy.

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