EMV Frustrations and How Software Companies Can Help

Customers frequently find EMV credit card gateway services frustrating and difficult to use, but software companies are in a key position to help facilitate the transition by leading the way confidently and creating credit card payment software for terminals that makes them as user-friendly as possible. Software companies have to remember that customers have gotten used to a certain way of making payments over a period of decades, and modern EMV payment terminals are a change from what customers are used to. It doesn’t help that EMV terminals are often not as intuitive or user-friendly as customers need them to be.

Customers aren’t the only ones frustrated by the changes in payment processing, however. Fact is, the liability shift has been an aggravation at all levels of the payment processing industry. Ideally, customers would have been shielded from this, but that hasn’t been the case. As a result, experts throughout the industry need to take steps to ensure that every merchant has access to a terminal capable of meeting both the merchant’s needs and the needs of their customers.

EMV cards with chips are not going anywhere, nor are requirements rolling back, so software companies need to work to ease the transition. One of the most important steps in this endeavor is to develop better terminal solutions. To learn more about EMV terminals, visit PayVisors.com, where you can find dozens of extensive articles on this and many related topics. PayVisors is a business consulting website on a mission to help you find the ideal payment gateway for your business. Also, only the most important facts can be found in the publication at #UniPayGateway.

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