EMV Toolkit and EMV Certifications

When you are making use of EMV credit card payments, it is essential to have EMV terminal certifications as per the laws of different countries. To make this happen, you would necessarily need an EMV toolkit. The EMV toolkit is typically region specific and would be provided to the EMV terminal solutions of a specific region. After the EMV liability saw liability shift, the selection of EMV toolkit became a further complex problem and hence, it was essential for several companies to implement one or the other EMV chip technology; thereby increasing the prominence.

As per the payment processors and payment card brands, there is a particular EMV toolkit required for a particular EMV payment type. Many companies have their own offerings, such as payWave test tool by Visa is the only certification toolkit for testing the Visa contactless payments in Europe. Similarly, other providers would have their own certification methods and would accordingly provide the toolkit that would be used for testing the EMV credit card payment technology.

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