How To Organize Payment Terminal Fulfillment Process?

Today there is hardly a business which does not use payment terminals to accept card payments from their customers while credit cards belong to the preferable payment methods of modern consumers. Merchants expect to get the high quality solution which will allow them to accept payments without any troubles. Providers of embedded payment terminal solution need to work carefully on payment terminal fulfillment process to reach this goal.

The first and one of the most important things is to find a fulfillment center which will be able not only to provide merchants with terminals of the certain model but also to perform the following tasks: to install the required applications and to inject the keys for the processors you need. Also there are a number of situations which may occur and you need to be ready to cope with them.

You need to decide where merchants can place their orders and who will capture them, you, PSP or a fulfillment center, etc.

You have to develop the mechanism which will allow your clients to modify/cancel their orders and to return/exchange terminals.

You need to have a support service your clients can contact in case when something goes wrong.

Also you should always be able to provide merchants with the necessary amont of terminals which they require, so you can either pre-purchase some terminals or work with several fulfillment centres simultaneously.

Additional information on payment terminal fulfillment process can be found in the publication at UniPayGateway. And those who are interested to learn more about the peculiarities of embedded payment terminal solutions can visit Paylosophy Portal.

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