Integration with Sunmi POS Terminals: Experience and Recommendations

Demand for point-of-sale payment terminals (POS terminals) is increasing. Some portable gadgets that can fulfill the functions of a point of sale terminal are also in high demand. PayFacs and omnichannel payment platform providers are particularly interested in ePOS solutions that can be smoothly incorporated into their respective point of sale systems. The top-three payment terminal manufacturers include Ingenico, Verifone, and PAX. These market leaders are, presently, being challenged by newcomers. New players gain competitive advantage through implementation of state-of-the-art EMV POS terminal solutions and other innovations, such as QR code payment functionality, App markets, and others.

Introducing Sunmi POS terminals: advantages and further developments

Chinese IoT business, Sunmi, is one of the new players, challenging the market with its innovative solutions. During the past year United Thinkers has been working in partnership with Sunmi and using its Sunmi P2 Lite and P2 Pro portable payment terminal solutions. Sunmi provided United Thinkers with omnichannel payment capabilities, which included EMV solution (EMV contact, EMV contactless payments, chip & PIN, NFC), and QR code payment mechanism.

Judging from our experience, Sunmi solutions offer a whole set of advantages. These include pleasant hardware design, availability of different formats, and flexible architecture. Sunmi has its own App market, with an opportunity to add new apps developed on Android and running under Android OS. Third-party Apps are also available through the market. Two languages are supported for development of your own products. Security of the solution is enhanced through flexibility of access rights, availability of remote control of Apps, and Sunmi’s own SDK with in-built security layer. Tech support from Sunmi team is available 24/7. Finally, availability of a demo version, complete with the open-source code prototype, greatly simplifies your acquaintance with the product.

Minor issues, which arose in the process of our joint work on implementation of Sunmi solutions, were quickly resolved by Sunmi team.

Sunmi models of POS terminals perfectly “fit” the UniRead module of United Thinkers’ flagship product, UniPay Gateway. Together, they allow us to offer even more robust payment terminal solutions to our customers. Contact us at to learn how these solutions can simplify your payment handling experience.

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