Methods for batch processing optimization

The main thing every merchant needs when he deals with payment processing is to increase the approval rates for transactions. Due to payment card batch processing optimization it becomes possible for business to boost approval rates. There are two methods for effective credit card batch processing: account number aggregation and account number optimization.

When the batch of transaction includes the cluster of transactions with the same account number, all of them are aggregated into a single operation. This approach allows to reduce the transaction fees and consolidate the charges for the cardholder.

The account number optimization also known as transaction optimization, is used in order to provide higher chances of collecting. In this case when the batch of transactions (which have been declined) contains several transactions with the same account number, the transaction with the smallest amount has to bereattempted first.If this attempt is successful all transactions with the same account number could be submitted. Due to this approach the unnecessary per-transaction processing fees can be skipped by merchant..

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