Non-embedded vs Embedded Payment Terminal Solutions

Try to recollect your experience as a customer, what do you usually choose to pay in cash or to pay with your credit card? Obviously the answer is to pay with your credit card while it is more convenient. So you as a business owner need to provide your clients with the possibility to use a preferred payment method.

Today merchants have a choice, they can use non-embedded or embedded payment terminal solutions. They differ depending on the connectivity method. A non-embedded terminal has direct wire connection with a workstation. On the contrary, an embedded terminal has its own Ethernet port and wireless connectivity that’s why it can function as a remote server.

Both solutions possess some advantages and disadvantages. You need to point them out and compare them in order to be able to choose the one for your business. The infographic below will help you do cope with this task.

Those who are interested in the description of the features which are compared can refer to the publication at UniPay Gateway.

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