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2 min readFeb 2, 2017

At Unipay Gateway, we give companies wanting to become payment facilitators the edge above competitions. Our services include helping you build good banking relationships and guide you on the processes to put in place for efficient performance as a payment facilitator. We guide you on performing your merchant services such as charge backs handlings, processing, merchant on boarding, funding, and so on.

You will be dealing with three essential services as a payment facilitator, these include: training your team to operate efficiently, developing banking relationships and implementing the best possible platform. No need for alarm, at Unipay we can help with all these things and the Unipay Platform can be the technology which your entire payment processing business relies on. Our commercial open source software is flexible enough to meet the needs of different kinds of activities. You can customize it to your precise needs or better still let us adapt it for you.

A strong foundation plus the help you need

You can start the process of becoming a payment facilitator on your own by bringing together the resources, connections, and integration you need, and by dealing with governmental and industrial regulations without external assistance. This path isn’t impossible, but it takes a lot of time and thousands of dollars.

Instead of spending a lot of money and time, you can save a lot more by choosing the Unipay Gateway and benefiting from our team’s profound industry knowledge. With our solution, we have solved most of the foundation work for you. We can even provide complete white label payfac services, the quickest approach and the one that presents the less hassles for you. You choose the level of service you need from us and how best to use our robust and feature-rich product.

Let us help speed things along

No matter how you involve the Unipay gateway and the United Thinkers’ team in your Payment Facilitator implementation, you will be speeding along the process of getting up and running, not only that; you would be smoothing the road too. No company is more right for the job or is in better position to provide products and services that assists with becoming a payment facilitator.

If you are ready to explore how we can help with your Payfac implementation, we will be so glad to help. Contact us now for a demonstration of what the Unipay gateway can do and a discussion of how our products and our team can help you reach your targeted goals quicker, easier and with less hassle than you can ever imagine.

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