Payment Terminal Management Systems

There is hardly a business today which does not use a payment terminal solution. There are two types of payment terminal solutions available at the market: payment terminal solutions with a local footprint and embedded payment terminal solutions. Taking into account the fact that the switch to EMV is approaching merchants choose the embedded payment terminal solutions more and more often.

A terminal management system is an essential component of any embedded payment terminal solution. It is usually used for re-injection of the key parameters; remote update of parameters; updates of the application installed on the terminal, etc. If you are looking for a payment terminal system you can either develop your own system or license the existing one.

Let’s enumerate the main functions which are performed by a payment terminal management system: configure some parameters inside the terminal; perform remote key injection; perform remote updates; collect information from the terminals and generate appropriate reports or alerts; manage the terminal’s lifecycle; manage advertising materials.

Each function requires more detailed explanation and it is provided in the respective article at Paylosophy Payment Advice Portal. Visit our website for to read the full article.

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