PINless Debit Could Improve Your Bottom Line

If you have considered PINless debit card processing and decided against making the move because the savings weren’t as great as you’d like, I’d like to offer you a couple of reasons to reconsider. The fact is, PINless debit transactions offer more advantages than just cost savings, and these advantages make them a good option for most companies with a payment gateway solution.

First, PINless transactions are processed in real time using debit card networks that make the funds available to you the next business day, in most cases.

Second, PINless debit transactions are indisputable. Provided you are in a “safe” industry, this means the risk of chargebacks on these transactions is eliminated. This protects you against ending up in the Terminated Merchant File.

Finally, while the cost savings may not be particularly impressive, the fact is, every little bit improves your bottom line. If you operate on a tight budget, or if you have a large number of transactions, the cumulative impact on your profit margin could be huge.

If you would like to know more, visit PayVisors. PayVisors is a sales consulting company with comprehensive information on their website. Look at the Buzz section to learn more about PINless debit, finding the ideal payment gateway, network fees, the Durbin Amendment and how it affects your business, payment gateway security, and the UniPay gateway. The more you know about processing transactions, the better able you will be to make the best decisions for your business.

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