Protect Data with Your Payment Gateway

There are several different types of credit card fraud, including fraudulent refund requests, stolen merchandise, and fraudulent transactions. Other types of payment card fraud are the result of illegal hacking, such as:

  • Phishing fraudulently obtaining cardholder information by posing as someone else, such as a bank or merchant employee,
  • Identity theft — making a fraudulent application for credit in another person’s name without their knowledge,
  • Pagejacking — rerouting legitimate online transactions to a fraudulent website,
  • Wire transfer scams such as advance fee scams, and
  • Merchant identity fraud — establishing fraudulent merchant accounts.

Every merchant has a responsibility to take steps to ensure the security of every transaction and to prevent data theft. By working together, payment industry players can build data security into each step of every transaction. The developers at United Thinkers have worked to build the UniPay gateway on a foundation of security, including PCI compliance, tokenization (a process that replaces vital information with coded strings), 3D Secure, an added layer of payment fraud protection, and much more. Contact us today to find out how UniPay can help you protect your business and your customers against illegal hacking.

Visit #UniPayGateway to learn more about how to prevent illegal hacking.

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