Recreating PayPal with Open Source Products

PayPal is a giant in the payment industry, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for every business. If you run a business in an area or industry not served by PayPal, or for any other reason it isn’t right for your business, you may be wondering whether it is possible to create your own ideal payment gateway. It’s a big job, but definitely possible.

You need a secure wallet for storing customer data, and a full-featured payment gateway. Both of these elements are available as open source products that can be licensed. Licensing open source solutions are much simpler than the potentially years long process of creating your own from scratch, especially since there are no how-to guides on recreating PayPal. For more comprehensive information, visit PayVisors, the definitive website for information on credit card payment software and many other topics related to accepting payments.

When you use UniPay for the foundation of your PayPal alternative, you’ll save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in development and relationship building.

UniPay can’t sell your product to your clients for you, you’ll need a good marketing strategy, but with UniPay, you’ll have a lot more time and money to market your product

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