Should You Consider Having Your Own Payment Gateway?

How does the ownership of a payment gateway affect your business? Does it boost your brand? Do you get increased control of your payment processing? Is there a drop in payment processing fees? Is this the basis of a new payment ecosystem?

Does it make sense to have your own payment gateway? Consider these 3 cases:

  • From the perception of your customers, you need to look like a payment service provider. In such a scenario, you don’t actually have to be the payment gateway owner. With a white-label offering, another gateway could be displayed as being your own. The e-mails and merchant statements created by the gateway are dealt with by the white-labeling offering. You will now be perceived and the ultimate service provider.
  • Minimizing processing costs and getting control of the process are vital. In this scenario, based on your volume, you could get a new acquiring partner and link to it with an internal or white-label payment gateway.
  • You intend to improve your current payment infrastructure. Here you will need a new gateway option to act as your operations base. You have the option in this scenario to license open-source payment gateway product (like UniPay Gateway). It is usually less expensive to license a product that is already made compared to creating your own payment gateway solution on your own. Now you have your own payment gateway and in a way, you are actually a full-fledged gateway provider. This approach, however, is only feasible when dealing with big processing volumes.

In Conclusion

If your processing volume is on the small side or if you don’t have the required budget, then current service providers like Square or Stripe might be the best gateway solution for your purposes. If you want to improve your brand, some kind of white label platform might work for you. If you are confident and have seriously considered being a payment gateway provider, be sure to check out the UniPay Gateway platform by United Thinkers. This could be your answer. Review our explainer video and see what options you have available to start accepting payments on your own:

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