Simplifying Merchant Onboarding

Merchant onboarding and merchant underwriting are vital payment processing steps. Today, payment facilitators work to streamline the merchant underwriting process to allow merchants to process payments almost immediately after submitting their application to the underwriter.

In the beginning, merchant applications were filled out and submitted to the underwriter manually. Upon receiving an application, the underwriter had to review the information and configure approved merchants into the payment gateway. This process sometimes took several days, and errors could add to this time. Soon, operators made it possible for merchants to submit applications online. This sped up the process considerably, but it could still take up to 24 hours before a merchant could process online payments.

Developers made a priority of streamlining automated merchant onboarding and developed two ways for underwriters to approach this process. Some underwriters have special APIs merchants can use to to submit their applications. Other underwriters issue blocks of pre-assigned MIDs to payment aggregators to use for merchants.

To learn more about merchant account underwriting and merchant underwriting guidelines, visit Paylosophy.

Also visit #UniPayGateway website to find out more information on this topic.

Check out our video guide on Merchant Onboarding explaining how the process of bringing new merchants works:

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