The Advantages of a White Label Payment Solution

White labeling term is often used to describe payment gateway solutions or e-payment processing services. This option allows companies to “rent” third parties products or services and customize them under their own brand name. The white-label payment industry’s many areas include white-label merchant services and white-label processing solutions. Let us elaborate on the advantages of the white label payment solution for different industries.

Benefits of using a white label payment solution?

A White label payment solution is the right choice for many organizations looking to enhance their reputation and status in the market and industry. If you are considering becoming a payment facilitator but are short on budget, choosing a white label payfac gateway can be the best option. Moreover, becoming a PSP and providing merchant services can be much easier for businesses with a white-label payment gateway product. Even if you want to own a payment gateway, you do not need to develop it yourself. You can take the readymade white label solution, put logo and brand name on it, configure, and become the gateway provider for customers. It’s one of the key advantages of all white label solutions allowing businesses to save time and money on developing your own solution.

Moreover, it will help you boost up the image of your company. Besides, there’s no need to handle any issues related to data security, payment processor integrations, and support. Your white-label payment gateway provider can manage all of them.

Can a white label solution be modified?

Typically, the white-label payment solution works fine unless businesses require adding new features to the platform. So if you want to expand your business to new geographies or need to upgrade payment methods and add new currencies, not every payment gateway provider will agree to modify its white label product to satisfy your needs. That said, such an option to modify a platform is not always available within providers. Before choosing the right technology partner, you need to be sure that you’ll be able to add more features to the platform or modify existing ones. At United Thinkers, we provide the technology service capabilities that help clients start accepting payments faster, customize, and modify if needed as our white label payment solutions go with a source code. To know more about UniPay Gateway, feel free to contact us.

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