UniCharge (UniPay Payment Management Platform)

All payment processing solutions have something in common, at least the purpose of using them — the ability to accept and process different types of payments. But you need a solution which will allow you to do that in a convenient and secure way, a solution which will provide you with flexible pricing and quality support, a solution which will comprise sophisticated functionality and the simplicity of usage. UniPay Payment Management Platform and its basis — UniCharge module can turn out to be such a solution in the context of your business.

First, UniCharge is an open source solution so everything you need to do is just to license it and start using immediately.

Second, accepting international payments will not be a problem for you, while UniCharge is integrated with the platforms all around the globe, the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, etc.

Third, with UniCharge module you will get the opportunity to process both card payments (credit cards, debit cards, gift cards etc.) and ACH transactions.

Fourth, it doesn’t matter what type of transaction takes place, card present or card not-present transaction, UniCharge will provide you with the high level of security. 3D secure and a number of other fraud protection tools are used to prevent online fraud. Payment terminal solution is also highly secure; it supports EMV and P2PE; so you do not need to worry that the data can be stolen at some point.

Enough? But it is not all yet. UniCharge supports a great amount of credit card industries such as Retail, Direct Marketing/MOTO, eCommerce, Restaurant, Healthcare, Petroleum, Lodging, Car Rental, etc.

UniCharge is the solution which will not only meet the current requirements of your business, but the solution which is constantly developing to meet your future needs (Visit our website).

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Enterprise-scale, open-source, #PaymentProcessing solutions for #Merchants, #PayFacs and PSPs. For more information, visit UnitedThinkers.com

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