UniPay comes up with Umoose to have better relationships with clients

With the advent of digital reach, giving priority on customer relationships is becoming essential. Hence, UniPay has come up with its mascot: Umoose, so that we have strong relationships with our clients on a global scale. We handle all the payment processing needs of our clients and want to have a friendly relationship with our clients.

Collaboration is the key

We have developed UniPay with collaboration with multiple people and there has been a lot of effort and assistance involved. Similar to Duke, the mascot of Java, we have Umoose, which was started to help us connect better with our customers.

All the Puzzle Pieces combined

If you take a closer look at the mascot: Umoose, you will observe that the antler differs from other moose, owing to the fact that the antler comprises of various pieces, depicting the various components we have integrated to deliver a complete payment processing solution.

Customer Satisfaction

We emphasize on customer satisfaction and hence, UniPay payment gateway gives a highly customizable solution for all your payment processing needs. Umoose cares about you and evolves continuously to ensure that you have a seamless experience with us.

You can find detailed information in the respective article on #UniPayGateway website.

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