What are the bottlenecks in the field of biometric payments?

The world is rapidly moving to biometric payments and they are being pushed aggressively at multiple levels in the industry. In this article, we will explore more on how fingerprint security and other biometric authentications will change the way we pay.

For all secure payment gateways, biometrics are essential and you cannot ignore it in any way. With an increased level of security and fraud prevention, biometric authentication has come a long way!

What is Biometric Technology and what lies in the future?

When biometrics are used, the physical identity and features such as retinal scans, selfies or fingerprints of the person will be used for authentication. Due to the features being nearly impossible to fake, it is preferred over passwords, PINs and other numbers.

With the world moving to biometrics, payment industry will certainly change and most of the worldwide payers will stick to biometric authentication by 2020. The only concern with biometric data is that, it can be compromised.

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