What is the Difference Between Omni-Channel and Internet Acquiring Payment Platforms?

In a nutshell, omni-channel payment platforms are designed for online businesses that also operate out of a physical location, while internet acquiring payment platforms are designed for companies operating strictly online, without a physical presence.

Omni-channel payment platforms offer a full range of services that allow merchants to process different types of payments, whether the customer places an order online or buys in person and are an ideal payment gateway for these types of businesses.

Online businesses needing a merchant account and businesses operating only on the internet need not limit their search for a processing partner to omni-channel payment platforms. In fact, omni-channel payment platforms are best suited to those businesses that operate both online and through a physical outlet because of the added options needed by these businesses. However, these options come with added cost and complexity, and is more than most purely online businesses need.

For those businesses operating strictly online and desiring a merchant account or processing partner, the best payment gateway for online business is usually an internet acquiring payment platform. Internet acquiring is a concept that is simply a merchant account that offers payment processing options designed for strictly online business.

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