What Is The Function Of Payment Gateway Monitoring Mechanisms?

There are a lot of features a modern payment gateway should have and 24/7 availability is one of them. Today the majority of businesses are international and they have to provide their clients and vendors with the ability to pay when it is convenient for them. But unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid problems, so your task is to detect them as soon as possible and to react effectively.

Let’s describe three basic payment gateway monitoring mechanisms. A velocity tracking module detects problems which may occur on the client’s end. An audit module reveals internal problems that occur within a payment gateway itself. Also, it is significant to have some external service which will check the functioning of the two mentioned modules.

The diagram below explains how these three mechanisms work in practice. Are you interested in some additional information on this issue? Visit the #UniPayGateway website and read the respective article there. What is more, some useful tips are provided at Paylosophy Payment Advice Portal.

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Payment Gateway Monitoring

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