What Kinds of Companies Can Get the Most Benefit from Open Source Payment Gateways?

Most companies can get some benefit from switching to an open source payment gateway, but there are three categories of companies that can especially benefit. Open source products are increasingly common and it’s not at all surprising that the payment processing industry would have its own open source software.

The three industries in which companies would get the most out of a powerful, current, and fully flexible payment gateway solution are:

Payment facilitators — Payment facilitators process a huge number of transactions, making it necessary for them to have the best system available. A well designed and robust payment gateway solution can be the most effective way to connect with other gateways to create a single point of record. The best payment gateways also allow users to connect directly with acquirers for added convenience, so the gateways is able to replace older systems.

Legacy system users — Many companies are still stumbling along with software written so long ago the languages are now obsolete. An open source payment gateway can completely replace these old systems and bring these companies up to date.

Software companies — Some software providers have begun using credit card gateway services to provide customers with the perfect solution. If your company offers products such as POS systems and shopping carts, wouldn’t gateway solutions be a perfect addition?

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