White Label Payment Gateway: 5 Reasons to Use It

Payment gateways allow you to process digital payments with your brand. These are essentially intermediate steps between classic third-party gateways and custom solutions created from scratch.

An external provider usually manages a white-label payment gateway. These third-party services include PCI compliance, merchant payment processing, integrations, and infrastructure. From your merchants’ perspective, your company is the provider of gateway services, since the product carries your logo.

Many businesses benefit from white label gateway solutions. Among them are SaaS providers, PayFacs, and wholesale ISO. White-label payment gateways are often high risk because the payment provider shares the liability.

Once a white-label gateway is set up, if your company initially offered SaaS services, it is possible to transition your company to the “best merchant services provider”.

How does a company decide to implement a white label payment gateway?

Control. The currently used solution is performing poorly. Despite the need, the 3rd party provider cannot or isn’t able to introduce improvements.

Fees. No matter how many transactions are conducted, you cannot negotiate the lower gateway fees with the third-party provider. Starting a gateway from scratch is something you’d love to do, but it is too expensive. Because of this, white-label gateways are the ideal solution.

Functionality. The company’s current partner is unable to provide certain features, which are dictated by new needs. The white label gateway delivers the necessary adjustments in this case.

Logic. Software processing logic should be separated from the core product. Therefore, maintenance and development will be easier and you’ll have lower costs. White label gateways based on open-source code are the best solution.

Payment types and geographic regions. Payments will not be processed for your new target currencies, geographies, and payment options by your current 3rd-party gateway provider. It might be a good idea to find a white-label service that has already been integrated with all the features you need.

It might be the right time for you to implement a white label payment gateway solution if your brand needs an image boost. This will also give your merchants a top-tier experience.

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